Faster than a lion? / Reb Bull donne des ailes… pour plagier?

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THE ORIGINAL?ASICS Runners TV Commercial– 2008″ You believe you are much faster than a lion?No, however faster than you!” Source: Culture Pub, Adeevee, Watch the French Version/ English Version TVCAgency: Jung Von Matt Hamburg (Germany).
LESS ORIGINALRed Bull “Impala” TV Commercial– 2021″ Youll never be as quickly as a lion!I do not need to be faster than a lion, just faster than you!”/ Source: ISpotTV, Watch the French Version/ English version TVCAgency: Kastner & & Partners (USA).
Be the judge!CoincidenceCopycat.

Joe La Pompe advertising, publicité – Faster than a lion?/ Reb Bull donne des ailes … pour plagier?” Masked to unmask copycats.”

Plagiarism Related.

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