TikTok Content Inspiration to Amplify Your 2021 Strategy

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Plus, there is a somewhat-even split in between female and male users, so no matter which gender your brand name markets to (if it leans one method or the other), your audience is present on TikTok.

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TikTok is unquestionably fun. Short videos from people of all ages and backgrounds, covering topics that range from cooking demos and life hacks to dance obstacles and pranks? Sign us up.
( Were not kidding about that range, either. According to TikTok, the top global material categories cover whatever from journal entries and pets to animation and environmental management.).

@targetCEO of aesthetic on a budget @wear. is.sam #fyp #target” ♬ original sound– target.

@thecuriouspixieDo you concur? #uk #london #travel #londontiktok #england #visitlondon #tiktoktravel #becauseimalondoner ♬ original sound– Curious Pixie|Travel Blogger.

Adventure and travel brand names dont need to just promote far-off locations, though, specifically understanding that a lot of individuals are still unpleasant taking a trip. Checking out ones home town or locations that are an automobile trip and day trip away will agree with users, too. Hydro Flasks TikTok content might be limited since they do not publish much, but it varies from outside adventure (like treking and skiing) to go-green motivation. This goes with their item line considering that they make durable, insulated, multiple-use thermoses that are popular with outside enthusiasts.
Make Like a Kid and Play.
Video gaming is a massive niche on TikTok, and even if youre not a video game brand per se, you can take an idea from the community and inject some enjoyable into your material. You can create material in the vein of computer game, like this one from user @thetimmy8, which was featured on the super-popular Gaming account. Or, you can gamify a portion of your app or site, then promote the new function on TikTok.

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Beyond that, TikTok is a marketing powerhouse for brand names, specifically those with an audience that is common on the platform..
And who makes up that audience? A majority of TikTok users fall between the ages of 10 and 19 (so, if you have a brand that deals with older teens or kids, you need to definitely be on there). The next largest age variety is 20 to 29, so do not neglect those college kids or career-beginners, either.

Outdoor- and travel-inspired content is huge on TikTok right now. Gaming is a huge niche on TikTok, and even if youre not a video game brand name per se, you can take a pointer from the neighborhood and inject some enjoyable into your content. Plus, industry-related brand names dont have to develop video games, necessarily. Persuaded that your brand name requires to be on TikTok? If you look up some of the greatest brand names in the world on TikTok, many of their profiles are bare, which indicates theres a major chance for you to catch the eye of potential clients.

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With that stated, lets jump into how brand names can utilize TikTok for marketing, specifically throughout a time of COVID and quarantine.
Turning Home Into a Haven.
Were all investing a lot more time in the house than we used to, and the requirement to turn the home into a sanctuary has actually grown greatly. Thats why house and garden material, with a concentrate on the restorative and calming, has grown in popularity– and why any brand that sells product and services that approach house renovations or refreshers must make the most of this pattern.

In this video from Target, user @wear. is.sam reveals audiences how to design a TV console on a budget (this is ideal for Targets core audience given that the store is understood for its low rates). In this one, house idea specialist Chantel Mila shows users how to clean water bottles with odd shapes– and her video is set to a cool soundtrack, too.
The genuine learning lesson with these videos is that the result isnt the entire appeal and even many of it. The process is what people are tuning in for. And on top of simply revealing viewers how to do something, brands can take it a step further by offering a coupon code and linking to the items featured.
Leaving your house, Now or Later.
Outdoor- and travel-inspired material is big on TikTok right now. Theyre all set to prepare ahead for it, too, which is excellent news for travel-industry brands.
Contiki posts travel material on their TikTok profile, making viewers capture the escapism bug. They do not need to do much other than reveal how fantastic different places all over the world are. Travel blog writer Curious Pixie takes a various approach by sharing pointers for tourists, like this video about places to avoid in London.

Plus, industry-related brand names do not have to develop video games, always. If you offer some sort of tech, like computers, TVs, or even headphones, you can get involved in the player community.
Final Thoughts: The Future (as Informed by the Past).
There were some patterns in 2020 that have actually held through into 2021, and it appears that theyre here to stay (momentarily, a minimum of). Numerous of them pertain to the effects of COVID and how just about everyone was pushed into lockdown. At-home material increased, like cooking how-tos and connecting-with-nature videos (think: outdoor camping). A lot more 2020-specific material development took place in the following classifications:.
News and occasions.
Motion pictures.
TV shows.
Video video games.
Think outside package when it pertains to the trends covered in this article, too. You may need to re-think how your brand can serve people in the house rather of beyond it or how your items can be used throughout travel when they used to be suggested for a work commute. Were not suggesting you force a connection that isnt there, simply that you adjust if possible.
Convinced that your brand name needs to be on TikTok? Competitors is restricted right now because brand names are just starting to get how effective a marketing platform it can be. If you search for some of the most significant brand names in the world on TikTok, much of their profiles are bare, which implies theres a major opportunity for you to stand out of possible consumers.
When youre ready to get begun, have a look at our article about how to make a TikTok video
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