34 of the Best Office Pranks & Practical Jokes to Use at Work

If youve seen the TELEVISION show “The Office” as religiously as I have, the classic “stapler in Jell-O” technique undoubtedly sounds familiar. Its practically what the name explains: Simply make a batch of Jell-O, but make certain your associates stapler is concealed inside the mold.
Its a timeless trick. What other, less standard tricks are out there to add some kicks to an otherwise typical day at the workplace?
We asked our buddies and combed the internet for more examples of a few of the funniest office pranks, and pulled together this list to function as inspiration for your own work tricks.
Every company has a story about that amusing office prank of yore. Whether youre doing some early April Fools Day research study, or simply feeling a little tricksy, its time to get a trick of your own in the books. Here are some ideas.
Amusing Office Pranks to Pull on Your Coworkers
1. Caramel Onions
When Halloween is around the corner, these caramel onions are no match for other techniques (or deals with). Dip each onion in caramel– perhaps some red food coloring first, if you need to further camouflage them– and stick popsicle sticks down the. Your coworkers will not understand the difference, but they will wonder why these caramel apples are making them sob a lot …
Source: Instructables
2. Nicolas Cage Toilet Seat
Speaking of Halloween, heres what problems are genuinely made of. Nicolas Cage is simple to come by in the meme neighborhood nowadays. Print a photo of him at his most, well, enthusiastic– and allow him to welcome everyone who takes a restroom break.
Source: Pinterest
3. Fish Drawer
Theres something fishy about this office prank … Just make certain to consist of fish food; specialists suggest you ought to feed this trick two times a day.
Source: Reddit
4. Pants in the Stall
Generally, when you see feet underneath the stall, you just have to wait your turn. In this case, you may be waiting permanently. Set this person up in your office bathroom and see how long it considers people to begin talking. We simply hope nobody called the paramedics on this poor, empty match.
Source: BuzzFeed
5. Febreze for Days
Tighten up the zip-tie, throw it, and run for your life. Or, leave it in your coworkers office when theyre on break. Theyre sure to return to a powerful work area.
Source: Emlii
6. Car Sticky Notes
If theyre all for somebody who simply wont finish his or her jobs, this is the ideal usage for those sticky notes that keep piling up– especially. The prank listed below is a wonderful method to remind them before they remove for the day.
Source: Reddit
7. Misspelling Macro
Never ever ask your work pal to unlock your iPhone for you, or theyll make you look like the worst speller of all time when you go to type a text or e-mail. Settings > > General > > Keyboard > > Add new shortcut will make this trick a reality versus your most detail-oriented coworker.
Source: Gottabemobile
8. Foghorn Entrance
Havent you ever desired to get a rooms attention the second you stroll through the door? Well, the prank below will even get the person getting in to stand straight. This is definitely one way to make certain everybodys alert before a conference.
Source: Reddit
9. Swollen Conference
Hey, at least its not shine? This prank works two methods: You can either amaze the next team who books this room, or have a day-long conference in here without anybody knowing your service. You will obviously have some static electrical energy when you exit the space.
Source: Reddit
10. Desk Trolls
For giants, by giants. Fortunately, you can purchase numerous of these trolls wholesale. Click on this link if youre severe about trolling your colleagues workstation– just bear in mind you will need to buy more than one pack of giants to make this stunt worth it.
Source: CollegeHumor
11. Water Works
Oh look, a budget journey to the beach. This trick provides an entire new meeting to the term, “staycation.” Surprise your coworker when he/she returns from a beach vacation with, well, another beach trip. The downside is itll be nothing like where they were. The benefit is they will not require a towel.
Source: Imgur
12. Anti-Gravity Desk
” Thats it– youre suspended.” Simply make sure the individual who arrives in the early morning to a drifting desk doesnt try to sit down …
Source: Daily Mail
13. Nailed the Cake
Hey everyone, theres cake up for grabs in the kitchen! The trick, however, is composed in icing.
Source: Reddit
14. Psychedelic Supervision
” I dont understand, I feel like my boss is always enjoying me,” your colleague might say. Modification their perception of micromanagement when this vibrant prank. All of a sudden a “quick checkin” doesnt seem all that bad.
Source: Imgur
15. Voice Toast
Basic, yet brilliant. Change the terms of breakfast ever so somewhat, and the cooking area becomes the most complicated room in the workplace. This little note pranks the entire office– a real work of art of prank-dom.

Source: Tumblr
16. Work From Home
As Ron Burgundy from Anchorman states, “Im not even mad. Im simply amazed.” Help your colleague who loves taking his/her work home, take their home to work instead. As you can tell, you might need to remain late the night before to get this prank simply.
Source: Reddit
17. Youve Been Felined.
This could in fact make your cat-loving coworkers day. Or, it could make for the best prank of perpetuity against the coworker whos violently allergic to cats (that is, as long as theyre not allergic to photos of felines, too).
Source: Reddit.
18. The Seedboard.
Work with your IT department to fertilize this prank perfectly. We suggest targeting someone who sits close to the window– some pranks just require some sunlight.
Source: BoredPanda.
19. Healthy Creme.
Who stated you couldnt be handy while likewise being a prankster? “The bad news is were out of donuts. The bright side is you have all these healthy options to help your body immune system deal with the lack of donuts.”.

20. The Ceilings Have Eyes.
You might freak out just looking at the image of this terrible prank. It may be a little too much for your jumpiest colleague, but for the person who cant stop talking about scary movies, its simply the revenge you deserve.

Source: Tumblr.
21. Chair Scare.
Similar to the Entrance Foghorn (prank # 8, above), this prank will probably terrify more than just the person who sits down. Naturally, itll be a lesson to anybody who, I suppose, tries to sit too low at their desk.
Source: Reddit.
Funny Pranks to Pull on Your Boss.
22. No Stalling.
For the employee who never has enough time. Or, for the colleague who takes method a lot of restroom breaks during the day. Prank them with their very own throne the next time nature calls.
Source: 22words.
23. Glitter Bomb.
About that whole, “At least its not glitter” thing in trick # 9? Well, this prank cant make that promise. For the colleagues who do not yet know the permanence of getting glitter on yourself, this prank makes sure to set them directly.

24. Replace Worker.
Sometimes, youre uncertain how to request for another day of rest. For those days where you merely cant enter into work, but do not have the heart to call out again, the doll who looks just like you is the perfect replacement. Or, simply put em at your associates desk and offer them a much-needed identity crisis.

25. Squashed It.
When you lastly find out about your associates celebrity crush, ensure they know how much you care

A post shared by Alice Lei (@alicerabbit1) on Aug 1, 2015 at 4:04 pm PDT.

26. Worlds Best Boss.
When words just arent enough to reveal your belief, offer your manager the perfect method to say “thank you” whenever they go to take a sip of coffee.

27. Cup o Spiders.
” Hey chief, I found a spider on your desk, but do not worry, its been managed.” This prank does not have to have an actual spider in it– the mystery, alone, is all you require to prank your employee.

28. Thats a Wrap.
For the one in charge who has everything, its the present that keeps providing.

Source: Giphy.
Remote Pranks for Virtual Teams.
The above pranks are amazing, but what about pranks that are inclusive for remote workers or groups that are 100% virtual? These pranks are ideal for the digital workplace:.
29. Flash Mob.
Here at HubSpot, we love flash mobs. Thats why Head of SEO Aja Frost and Blog Manager Christina Perricone jumped at the opportunity of arranging a virtual flash mob for one of our quarterly conferences.
This is an ideal trick for a large event however needs a little prep– from selecting a song, selecting the dancers, and teaching the choreography. The end outcome is worth it for the delighted and surprised expressions on coworkers faces alone.

30. Virtual Background Shenanigans.
Theres a great deal of pranking possible utilizing the virtual background function in Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. For instance, one Twitter user creates a virtual background with the stunning look of a doppelgänger … or perhaps a time warp?

So, I made a custom-made Zoom background for my next conference where I bring myself a cup of tea. pic.twitter.com/DJBxrH5Cqv.
— Graham/Jaws 19 (@Jaws19show) May 7, 2020.
31. Jump Scare.
One method to take the virtual background trick to another level is by impersonating a horror movie director and relying on among the earliest scary film tricks in the book: the unexpected dive scare. The video listed below walks through the actions for executing this trick successfully:.

Simply make sure that you understand who youre presenting to. The incorrect audience may not appreciate the humor in this one!
32. Youre Not on Mute.
Weve all heard the horror stories of users who thought they were on mute and went on to state something awkward. One trick would be to stage this circumstance and make your colleagues think that you believe youre on mute. You could employ somebody in your family to state entirely outrageous or really awkward, the objective being to see the length of time your colleagues will view in horror prior to letting you know youre on mute.
33. Stolen Identity.
If you have a work environment chat system, a basic and effective prank is to “take” someones identity by changing your screen name and image to match theirs. The more colleagues you get to follow suit, the more efficient, amusing, and chaotic this trick ends up being. Best of all, its easy to reverse at the end of the day: Just revert back to your initial display name and photo.

34. Believe Outside package.
With video conferencing apps, were limited to our own little square of digital realty … or are we? This Twitter user subverts expectation by discarding water on a colleague in another square, unexpected all the other conference attendees:.

Whether youre doing some early April Fools Day research, or just feeling a little tricksy, its time to get a prank of your own in the books. As you can tell, you might require to remain late the night before to get this prank just.
We suggest targeting somebody who sits close to the window– some pranks simply need some sunlight. Well, this prank cant make that pledge. One trick would be to stage this circumstance and make your coworkers believe that you believe youre on mute.

I pulled off my own lil #AprilFools prank today in our everyday virtual meeting ☔ pic.twitter.com/RjGW2RhgRT.
— Phang (@PhilaUnionPhang) April 1, 2020.
All you need to do is discover someone who will be in on the joke with you.
Pranking can be incredibly good for spirits and company culture. After all, why not have a little fun to separate the workday?
Editors note: This post was initially published in October 2018 and has been upgraded for comprehensiveness.

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