RFQ vs. RFP: What’s the Difference?

RFQ Meaning

An RFQ (request for quote) is a file that details pricing alternatives for a highly-specific product or service. In business, an RFQ is utilized throughout the procurement procedure. RFQs are often sent separately, or in some cases in tandem with an RFP document. Companies might use RFQs when they understand exactly what they desire and do not require details on the service or product.

Have you ever looked for something online, compared rates, and read evaluations until you understood you were making the best choice?
Thats similar to what businesses do when they require to acquire something also, other than its a somewhat more formal process.
In the business world, the procedure includes having business or vendors send RFPs (demand for proposition) or RFQs (request for quote) so you can compare their services and products.

These documents assist businesses choose which supplier they want to purchase from. Its comparable to when we, as consumers, store online and take a look at rates and reviews to compare, state, new phones.
Listed below, well discuss whatever you require to understand about RFQs– from what they are, to how to write one, to how its different from an RFP.

While an RFQ is an ask for quote, an RFP is an ask for proposition. The primary distinction is the function. An RFQ is sent when you understand exactly what product/service you desire, and you really just require to know the rate. When its more complex and you want to evaluate numerous aspects besides rate prior to making a choice, an RFP is sent out.

Choose and Close

RFQ Process


In an RFQ, youll discover a suppliers costs, payment terms, and item specifications or information. Most companies utilize an RFQ when they understand exactly what theyre searching for, the budget plan they wish to invest, and are all set to purchase.
If you understand what kind of functions you wish to see, you prepare to select a vendor based on cost, and you do not require a service strategy or supported agreement, an RFQ might be ideal for you. When you have a bunch of RFQs, you can appropriately examine all the solutions based on cost, quickly.
Now, whats the distinction in between an RFQ and an RFP?

While an RFP offers more comprehensive information on the service itself, an RFQ mainly answers how much it costs. An RFQ indicates this is a basic, on-demand purchase as opposed to a longer term project that will have a longer purchasing process.
Now you might be wondering what this looks like in action. Lets review listed below.

1. Preparation
As a business, if you wish to utilize an RFQ, you first need to choose if you wish to open the bidding to any supplier, or pick a choose group of suppliers.
You require to choose which suppliers you want to send out the RFQ design template to if youre going to send out RFQs to several suppliers. You might make this decision based upon credibility or individuals youve dealt with before.
If you want the bid to be open to all vendors, you can use a procurement software application to simplify this procedure– this will publish the RFQ file on your website, permit suppliers to publish, ask concerns, and so on. Plus, this will keep all the RFQs in one place, simple to evaluate, and get in touch with all the vendors that you state no to (more on this later).
You require to create the RFQ file (see design template listed below). This ought to detail a list of requirements, including a list of products (functions required), quantity or duration, date of shipment, and payment terms. If you dont use a standard template, then business may offer you various info and you cant compare apples to apples.
Likewise, ideally youve included an intro to your business, what you need, the deadline to submit, and how to submit. Introducing the issue youre trying to fix will make it simpler for sellers to recognize if this is a good fit.
As a supplier, when it comes time to fill out an RFQ, you require to look at the template that was sent to you, and start gathering all the information. As a vendor, your work is now done, unless youre selected of course.
2. Review
Now that youve sent your RFQ files to your list of suppliers, its time to wait till the deadline. When you start receiving the RFQs back, you can examine them.
This process will be simpler if you asked and utilized a basic template everyone for the same info. If this was considered, and you consisted of all the information you need in the design template, then this procedure must fast.
3. Close and select
When you choose, you can either email everyone the choice, or utilize the software application mentioned above to send out notifications and alert vendors who sent an RFQ.
Its finest practice to wait to signal the vendors that didnt get chosen till the one you did select indications the deal and the contract is closed.
Thank them for their time when you let suppliers know they werent picked. Its crucial that when you select a vendor, you arent burning bridges with the other suppliers because you may require to utilize them in the future.
RFQ Template
Below is a list of information that you might ask for in an RFQ. You can separate the document into purchaser details, seller info, and evaluation and assessment.
Purchaser Information
Company Name
Business Description
Item Details and Goals
Contact Information – name, title, phone, e-mail of the point individual
Seller Information
Item Details– name and specs
Product Quantity
Shipment Requirements
Item Price
Evaluation and Evaluation
Assessment Method
Terms and Conditions
Submission Requirements and Instructions
If your company is choosing in between several vendors, you understand what you want, and it essentially boils down to price, an RFQ might be the way to go.

Business may utilize RFQs when they know precisely what they want and do not require details on the item or service.

An RFQ is sent when you know exactly what product/service you want, and you really only require to understand the cost. You require to create the RFQ file (see design template listed below). As a vendor, when it comes time to fill out an RFQ, you require to look at the template that was sent out to you, and begin collecting all the details. Now that youve sent your RFQ files to your list of suppliers, its time to wait until the deadline.

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