5 B2C Content Marketing Techniques that B2B Marketers Should Steal (And 5 They Shouldn’t Touch)

B2B marketers, are we over the B2C envy yet?
We utilized to have a legitimate reason to be jealous. B2C marketers got to be more creative, personal, psychological, and interactive. We were stuck with dry, rational appeals with no-frills discussion.
Nowadays, however, B2B marketers can be simply as innovative and vibrant as our B2C equivalents. And we not only can, we should.
Yet we still hear that drumbeat: “B2B marketing needs to be more like B2C.”.
Does it really?
I would argue yes, but just to a certain point. B2B is its own discipline with its own best practices. There are a few current developments in B2C that we should obtain, however there are just as numerous techniques and strategies that do not translate.
In the interest of continuously developing B2B marketing to be more advanced, better, and more reliable: Here are 5 B2C trends to steal, and 5 to leave to our renowned peers on the other side.
5 B2C Content Marketing Techniques to Steal– And 5 to Leave Alone.
The main thesis for utilizing B2C strategies in B2B is the realization that theres no such thing as a “B2B purchaser.” Theyre not an unique types. Individuals are individuals, whether theyre at work or in your home. As the lines between house life and work life continue to blur, that difference gets even fuzzier. Nevertheless, that does not suggest we need to handle B2C methods that do not work, or do not work as well as what were already doing.
Take These:.
1– Take a Stand.
Historically, B2B brand names have actually remained out of wider social discussions. Why should B2B purchasers care if their cloud server provider supports Black Lives Matter?
Heres why taking a stand matters: A recent study found that 77% of consumers purchase from brands who share the same values as they do. Another worldwide research study found customers are four to 6 times most likely to purchase, safeguard and advocate for brand names who have a bigger purpose. In this climate, a neutral stance is more risky than taking a principled stand.
We must point out that its inadequate to talk about your brand names values or put them in an objective statement. Customers will be searching for consistent, significant action that expresses your values.
2– Embrace Diversity.
Im old adequate to remember the very first TV ad with a gay couple, way back in 1994. Over time, the rest of media gradually caught up with them.
As an entire, B2B marketing hasnt been as familiar with diversity. The number of old eBooks and white papers feature pictures that are overwhelmingly white and male? As the executive audience grows more diverse, we cant manage the ongoing mental stereotype of a B2B purchaser as a heterosexual, middle-aged white guy..
As you pick images for your marketing materials, search for the audiences you might be missing out on. We want individuals to see themselves in our content, recognize themselves as the target market and be relocated to action. If we stop working at diverse representation, were locking out potential purchasers.
3– Be Visually Stunning.
It says a lot to me that one common system of B2B marketing is the “white paper.” What a utilitarian and dull thing– it evokes a list of features and advantages in black text on a plain white page..
Theres no factor B2B marketing should not be gorgeous to look at. General Electrics Instagram shows that you can discover stunning imagery in the most commercial settings. Interaction business (and customer) Mitel draws you into their latest interactive guide with a fanciful futuristic office.
In a quick-scrolling online world, brands need to have aesthetically jailing content that gets attention.
4– Embrace Multimedia.
Friends, Romans, B2B online marketers, I come here not to applaud the fixed PDF however to bury it. There may still be a place for old-school gated eBooks, however their function needs to be a lot less popular in a modern marketing environment. We have the ability to produce video cheaply and easily. We have podcasts and live-streams, many platforms with a quick click-to-publish.
Our company is seeing excellent success for customers with interactive properties like the Mitel one I connected above. Tools like Ceros make it simple for a designer to produce something appealing and vibrant. What might have been simply another PDF becomes an experience that unfolds, comes to life, and looks terrific on mobile and desktop alike..
At the minimum, multimedia can serve to augment more standard material. Our client Prophix turned a report into a long-scrolling, influencer-activated, bright and engaging power page. However they likewise offer a static download of the report in PDF type to cover all the bases.
5– Get Personal.
I can evoke a lots B2C advertisements that have made me either laugh or cry. The exact same cant be said for B2B. Tim Washers Fast Innovation and the Slow Waiter advertisements are amusing, but I cant consider much more examples of advertisements that moved me on an individual level..
We cant pay for to hold people at arms length anymore, focusing on simply the intersection of our option and their workplace. The thing is, work is personal. What we provide for a living is bound in our identity, our sense of self, our security, our households, and our future. B2B online marketers ought to feel empowered to deal with all of those entanglements, a whole person rather than a “B2B buyer.”.
Let B2C Keep These:.
1– Transactional Influence.
Influencer marketing in B2C tends to be more of an endorsement model. Whether its Kim Kardashian hawking appeal cream, or a micro-influencer holding an energy drink, the focus is bringing an audiences attention to an item.
For B2B, influence is more about providing worth and building relationships. Influencer content should not be product-focused. It ought to be developed to highlight the influencers know-how, supply genuine utility, and strengthen the brand name by association with thoughtful and reliable content.
2– Snarky Social Media.
Look, I enjoy the relentless sarcasm of the Wendys Twitter account as much as the next man. Ditto the absurd and often bleak Moon Pie account. However that kind of attention-grabbing, possibly off-putting weirdness only makes good sense when your product costs less than $10..
B2B content need to be psychological, human, and even funny, however it must constantly intend to offer value. Leave the call-outs, roasts and memes to our B2C equivalents.
3– Vanity Virality.
B2B marketing isnt a numbers video game anymore. I dont understand lots of marketers who would select the previous.
We still tend to determine efficiency in terms of numbers rather than relevance. We understand that striking the best audience is better than hitting the biggest possible audience– its due time we quit chasing after vanity metrics.
4– Every Channel Advertising.
Is your brand name on TikTok? Instagram? Snapchat? LinkedIn? Facebook? Should you be?
Better concern: Where is your audience? If you discover that your most important choice makers are on TikTok, fire away. Let it fade away if you never ever get any engagement on Facebook. B2B marketers must do not hesitate to focus their efforts where theyre getting one of the most results.
5– Top of Funnel Focus.
For lots of B2C brands, awareness is whatever. Like the Moon Pie and Wendys examples above, its about keeping the brand top-of-mind for the next checkout-line impulse buy or fast-food lunch. You do not see a lot of, state, 1500-word article on why Wendys hamburgers are better than McDonalds.
Even as B2B material gets more imaginative, emotional, and individual, we cant let lower-funnel content slide. B2B services are seldom impulse purchases; we require conversion material in addition to awareness-building content.
Let B2B Be.
Ill confess: Every time I see an amazing B2C ad, I do feel a little twinge of envy. Theres a degree of imaginative flexibility in B2C that will never ever fly with a big B2B brand name. At the same time, Ive come to appreciate how B2B material can be deeper, more meaningful, and more useful than a great deal of B2C can desire.
The next time you hear, “B2B marketing needs to be more like B2C,” take it with a grain or 2 of salt. As much as B2C gets the splendor, B2B is its own discipline, and we get to blaze our own trail.

As an entire, B2B marketing hasnt been as conscious of diversity. Theres no reason B2B marketing should not be beautiful to look at. B2B online marketers should feel empowered to address all of those entanglements, a whole person rather than a “B2B buyer.”.
Theres a degree of creative flexibility in B2C that will never fly with a huge B2B brand name. At the exact same time, Ive come to value how B2B content can be much deeper, more meaningful, and more useful than a lot of B2C can strive to.

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