How to Use Clubhouse: A Step-by-Step Guide

Just recently, Clubhouse — an invite-only, audio social networks app– has actually acquired viral levels of awareness.
In just a couple of weeks, Clubhouse, which allows members to host and sign up with audio chat spaces, has actually jumped from 600,000 to 2 million active users, gained a $100-million valuation, and hosted some of the worlds top thought leaders.
Because of Clubhouses growing awareness, popularity, and chat-style user interface, brands interested in developing neighborhoods are getting more curious about how they might use it in their marketing strategies
Since Clubhouse is still invite-only and not offered for Android users, many marketers are just logging on for the very first time now. And, as with any new social media app, learning more about all of Clubhouses features– and attempting to overtake its earliest adopters– can feel a bit frustrating.
If you just got your Clubhouse invite– or want to be prepared to utilize the app when you do– read this guide to find out how to set up your account, follow others, and attend or host your first audio chats (also called “rooms”).

How to Use Clubhouse

Find and accept a welcome.
Select topics of interest and follow users.
Establish your profile.
Scroll through the homepage.
Utilize the Explore page to discover more users, rooms, and clubs.
Join clubs.
Start a club.
Enter a space.
Demand to speak.
Add pals to a space.
Leave a room.
See upcoming spaces.
Welcome friends.

1. Find and accept an invite.
At this point, Clubhouse is still invite-only and only readily available for iPhone users. Fortunately, due to the fact that of its growing audience, you may have a pal or coworker whos already on it and prepared to give you among their invites.
If you arent sure if you know anybody on Clubhouse, you can still sign up for an account on the app. As soon as you established a standard profile, provide your contact details, and pick a couple of topics youre interested in (as noted in Step 2), youll see a screen that states youve signed up with the waitlist.
From there, contacts who are on Clubhouse will be alerted that youve signed up with the waitlist and they can provide you an invite to move you as much as full user status. Heres a text I got from Clubhouse when my HubSpot colleague, Amanda, bumped me approximately the top of the waitlist.

If and when you receive an invite from someone, make sure to register with the phone number they texted your invite to– otherwise, the app may not register that youre the very same contact.
Youll be triggered to add an email address when you sign up. Youll likewise pick an image, username, and password. You can link your Twitter to have the exact same username, photo, and profile details flow into the app.
2. Pick subjects of interest and follow users.
After giving some basic info during registration, you can also pick topics youre most thinking about from a long list to assist customize the material the app will recommend to you.

Then, Clubhouse will ask you to access your contacts and use your subject choices to recommend both individuals you may understand and influencers you may be interested in following.
If you dont wish to choose any subjects or follow any individuals right now, thats okay. You can do all of these things later.
3. Set up your profile.
If you didnt connect your Clubhouse account to Twitter to auto-generate a profile, you can establish your profile by including or changing your photo and composing a description that notes your pastimes, interests, companies you work for, or industry.
While we arent quite sure if your profile description will optimize your page for the apps search feature, it will be helpful for prospective followers to see when they choose whether to follow you.
Last but not least, you can finish your profile by linking Twitter and Instagram. Twitter and Instagram icons connected to your profiles on those channels will appear under your description as soon as you do this.
Heres a terrific profile example from Cassy Isabella, a prominent influencer, entrepreneur, and travel expert on the platform:

4. Scroll through the homepage.
Start exploring once youre all set up. The very first place to check out is Clubhouses homepage. While there isnt an icon for it, you can access it by clicking the back button in the upper left corner of any other page on the app.

5. Use the Explore page to find other users, clubs, and rooms.
Not thinking about what your homepage is showing you? Tap the magnifying glass icon to see Clubhouses Explore page.
From there, you can get recommendations of people to click and follow on specific topics to see ongoing rooms, individuals, or clubs associated with them.

You can likewise use this tabs search function to try to find specific users or clubs, which well discuss in the next action.
6. Join Clubs.
Clubs are groups of users interested in the very same particular topics, comparable to the Facebook or LinkedIn Groups include. You can see notifications of Rooms hosted by it once you sign up with a club. You can also utilize clubs to find or connect with Clubhouse users that have similar interests.
To find clubs, you can either sift through the Explore tab or tap its search bar, choose clubs and browse a topic, as I finished with “Growth Marketing” listed below:

When you welcome someone, they need to get a message with directions for how to sign up with, likewise to the one Ive displayed in action one of this list.
Furthermore, their profile will keep in mind that you chose them to join Clubhouse which might help their pals or followers find you later on.

How to Start a Room on Clubhouse.

Start or schedule a space.
Introduce yourself and your moderators to the audience.
Try to find hand raises– or demands to speak.
Bring attendees to the stage as speakers.
Own the conversation.
Have a look at your participant list.
Ask listeners to welcome good friends.
Eliminate non-active moderators or speakers.
Leave or end the space.

It indicates theyre new to Clubhouse if you see a celebration popper emoji (or) on somebodys image.
9. Request to speak.
Wish to speak? Press the hand icon in the lower right to be contributed to a speaker demand list.

Listed below the “stage,” youll see guests the speakers follow under the “Followed by speakers” heading, and a list of general guests under “Others in the space.” All guests who are not on the phase are silenced and can not speak unless theyre brought to the phase.

No longer interested in a club you joined? To leave it, simply go to the club page and tap the “Following” button. This will unfollow you and the button will change back to simply stating “Follow.”.
7. Start a Club.
As soon as youve hosted 3 conversations, or rooms, on Clubhouse, you can start making an application for clubs. To do this, youll go to your profile and tap the equipment in the top right corner to get to your settings.
From the settings page, youll click to Clubhouses FAQ page, or this Clubhouse Knowledge Center link, where youll find club rules and application guidelines, in addition to a Club application link.
Youll see an app alert and get the capability to modify the club profile and launch rooms on behalf of the Club when Clubhouse authorizes the Club.
One crucial thing to note is that the Clubhouse team manually approves club applications. Since of the popularity of Clubs, the business is just allowing one club per user today. This means you need to be sure about the club you look for as it might be the only one youll manage in the future.
8. Drop into a room.
When you see a room, or audio chatroom, you wish to join (or “drop-in” on), all you need to do is tap it to begin listening. Upon going into a space, youll be automatically silenced as a listener. Youll also see the room speakers and moderators at the top of the screen.
The unlabeled area of the room screen that highlights the speakers is referred to as “the stage” by moderators.

Tap the notice sign on it to get a phone alert when the event begins if you see a room youre interested in.
By tapping on the arranged space, you can also share about it on social media or include a reminder to your calendar.
13. Welcome pals.
When I began my Clubhouse account, I and many of my friends received just two invites. Then, about two days later on, I received 3 more. While its unclear if everyone continues or starts to receive the very same quantity of invites, youll likely get at least 2 to start with.
Tap on the icon that looks like an opened invite to browse and invite your contact list if you have a phone contact thats excited to join Clubhouse.

When you raise your hand, the moderator will be notified of your demand to speak and can either unmute or ignore you.
If a mediator unmutes you, which will move your name and icon approximately the speaker phase, ask your concern or remain on topic with any points you add. You need to likewise prevent grabbing all of the mic, let others have time to speak, and follow any room guidelines that have been given by the mediator( s). This will help you remain significant as a speaker as long as possible.
As you go into rooms and raise your hand, bear in mind that numerous other users may likewise be requesting to speak. If youre overlooked, do not be angered as a moderator can just permit a lot of individuals to the stage prior to losing control of the conversation.
10. Add good friends to a room.
Love a space youre listening to and desire your good friends to hear the conversation too? Press the “+” button in the lower navigation of a room to pick and include fans.
11. Leave a room.
Due to the fact that of the method Clubhouse is constructed, rooms with multiple mediators can go on for hours– or even days, so theres no shame in leaving one before it ends. To do this, all you have to do is tap “Leave.”.
If you d like to surf the app a bit more without switching off the audio, you can additionally tap “All spaces” at the top of the screen to lessen your room and tap through other screens.
Youll leave the minimized space automatically so you dont hear two discussions at once if you click into another conversation.
12. See upcoming spaces.
Dont have time to listen to a room right now, however wish to explore Clubhouse later? Tap the calendar icon to see approaching space tips.

You can join a club by going to its profile page and tapping “Follow.” After doing this, youll be notified whenever its admins introduce a room.

1. Start or schedule a space.
Anyone on Clubhouse can begin or schedule among the following Rooms:.
Closed: Only open up to individuals you welcome to the space.
Social: A space thats just open up to your followers.
Open: A space thats open to anybody on the Clubhouse app.
To begin a room instantly. you can either click the “Start a room” button at the bottom of several Clubhouse app pages.
You can also tap the icon next to the “Start a space” button to see which of your followers are online and begin spaces directly with them.

As the room launches, youll quickly be designated as a moderator. If you leave the space and come back later on, youll maintain these moderator benefits even.
Scheduling a Room.
When you tap the calendar icon to schedule a space, youll see a page that enables you to identify an event name, mediators or co-hosts, a preliminary guest list, a date, and full description. The occasion will reveal up in the Upcoming tab when you press publish.
When the time comes, you or your mediators will simply get in the space to begin it.

Listed below Ill discuss some differences in between starting and arranging rooms.
Starting a Room.
To quickly begin a space, youll tap the “Start a room” button, include a subject, and select your privacy setting. Once the space starts, you can expand the privacy settings from Closed to Social or entirely Open. You can not change the subject.

Go to the Upcoming for You tab and tap the leading right calendar button to preschedule one if you d like to schedule a room.

2. Present yourself and your mediators to your audience.
When your space starts, your icon will show up at the top of the screen and you wont be on mute. At this point, you ought to begin presenting yourself, your mediators (if you have any), and other speakers.
At this time, you may also wish to highlight what the room aims to talk about and any ground guidelines of the space. For instance, if you d just like people to raise their hands with questions, letting the audience understand of that could be a ground-rule.
3. Search for hand raises– or demands to speak.
If your discussion is engaging, individuals in the audience may raise their hands to request to speak. When this takes place, youll get the option and a notice to assign them to speaker mode.

4. Bring participants to the stage as speakers.
Even if someone doesnt raise their hand, you can still welcome them to speak. To do this, simply tap their icon. Youll then see options to “Make a mediator,” “Make a speaker,” or “Move to audience,” which will unmute them if theyre currently speaking.
If you make the person a speaker, theyll just have the ability to speak until you move them back to the audience. Nevertheless, if you make them a mediator, they acquire co-hosting privileges and can also permit speakers and hand raises.

5. Own the conversation.
Because you cant change a space topic once it starts, an off-topic conversation may trigger guest churn when people tune in and hear a totally various conversation. If you moderate a conversation or start, its essential to take ownership to guarantee it remains on track.
To own the discussion, make sure you only make experienced speakers or friends who are proficient at handling discussions. In addition, while you ought to let others speak, dont let speakers hog the mic.
If you do feel like the conversation is going off-course, pleasantly revitalize audiences by advising them of the space subject and guideline.
6. Examine out your participant list.
Offer your participant list a fast skim to see whos listening if your other moderators or speakers have the space under control. When you do this, try to find high-profile listeners or Clubhouse members with a big following.
Welcome them to the phase if you feel they might contribute to the discussion if someone intriguing is in the audience. If they accept your invite to speak, present them to the space.
7. Ask listeners to add their good friends.
While space mediators can include more individuals to the discussion, or change personal privacy from Closed to Open at any time, space moderators can likewise encourage listeners to welcome a couple of good friends that would likewise take pleasure in the conversation.
8. Eliminate inactive mediators or speakers.
Occasionally, some moderators or speakers will leave the space but the Clubhouse app will not automatically refresh. When this happens, Ive seen moderators move non-active speakers back down into the audience. This helps manage the variety of speakers and moderators as well as the discussion.
9. Leave or end the room.
If you dont have any other moderators, you can just leave a room to end it. If you leave a space with other mediators designated, it will keep going up until all the mediators leave– or one of them ends the space.
If you need to end a room with mediators, you will require to do this manually by tapping the three dots in the leading right corner and selecting “End Room.”.

If you want to leave a room you introduced, but dont desire it to end for audiences, you can designate a mediator prior to you leave.
Since several mediators can keep a room going, it can last for hours or days. If you return to a room you began after leaving it, you will still regain your moderator benefits and your capability to take and speak over.
Mastering Clubhouse.
While its still a bit early to determine Clubhouse best practices, here are a few things you can do to find out more about the app and how to use it:.
Take a look at a couple of spaces associated with your market for discussion-topic inspiration.
Bear in mind of how moderators handle room discussions while still allowing audience members to speak.
Join clubs and follow users with similar interests as you to build your Clubhouse network.
Gain awareness and more followers by getting involved in spaces, raising your hand, or hosting your own chats.
Want to find out more about Clubhouses short history and how it ended up being one of the latest viral social media apps? Take a look at this post..

Upon entering a room, youll be automatically muted as a listener. Youll also see the space speakers and mediators at the top of the screen.
You should likewise avoid monopolizing the mic, let others have time to speak, and follow any space guidelines that have actually been offered by the mediator( s). To instantly begin a space, youll tap the “Start a space” button, add a subject, and pick your privacy setting. Occasionally, some moderators or speakers will leave the room but the Clubhouse app will not automatically refresh.

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