Finance content marketing: How to create awesome content for the finance sector

Whats the secret to a successful financing content marketing method? Discover with our 8 sure-fire pointers.
The financing world can be a tough place for a marketer. Creating motivating financing content marketing that interacts your brands messages, engages clients and keeps the compliance team delighted is a hard nut to crack.
Worry not – there is a method to tick each of those boxes, and its all about taking a prepared content-led technique.
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Financing content marketing for brands
Weve found that informing stories delivers especially fantastic results for financing brand names. Combining essential strategic vision with user-friendly design opens up huge possibilities for creative, high-impact and shareable finance content marketing.
Desire to understand how you can accomplish this too? When producing any kind of content marketing for a financing brand name, take an appearance at our eight best-practice directing principles.

1. Straight address clients monetary concerns
When preparing finance content, using search insight and research study information to discover out which finance subjects customers are struggling to understand is perhaps the most powerful starting point.
Breaking down comprehensive financial details in an innovative method means you can directly address these queries in truly consumer-friendly methods– which is fantastic for users and search engines alike.
Example: Interest Rates Explained infographic

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Research brought out by the Money Advice Service (MAS) revealed that 75% of homeowners had not thought about how a rate of interest increase would affect their home loan repayments. We dealt with the MAS group to create a question-based infographic that worked to fill a large range of customer understanding gaps to create a static infographic, which was also utilized by RBS.

2. Make complicated financial details accessible
Theres no other way around it– frequently, financial data or messaging can often be mind-meltingly complex.
The big chance with visual content is to provide a distillation of the technical, complicated or, dare we say it, in some cases boring in a method thats quickly available. The very best finance content marketing pairs tidy, bright style with a clear editorial circulation, visually assisting the user through the bottom lines rapidly and accurately.
Example: Remortgage Your Home infographic

This series of data cards were developed for use throughout social channels. With UK real estate costs continuing to rocket, specifically in London, these cards imagine the most recent data and patterns in an easily consumable manner in which is particularly ideal for mobile users.
6. Use print in imaginative methods
To achieve effect in the real world whilst likewise reaching less digitally-savvy clients, printed material uses a service. That doesnt suggest it has to be dull financing info presented in limitless pages of text. Utilizing original print formats that are attractive to look at– and even interact with– can actually achieve cut-through..
Example: Whats your Money Goal? physical (printed) interactive content.
Research by Asda, the Tinder Foundation and MAS revealed that a few of the UKs least digitally positive customers live in the North East. They asked us to develop an interactive printed wheel that Asda shoppers might use in-store to help them prepare their cash objective.
7. Create topical content with PR capacity.
To drive up sentiment and brand name trust, favorable PR is a vital part of the mix for the majority of financial brands, who frequently battle unfavorable media on a day-to-day basis. Topical visual content can be among the most likely formats to be gotten by publishers, and can go a long method to enhancing the volume of positive coverage.
Utilizing exclusive proprietary figures or research about the financial hot topic within the content will make it even more engaging for publishers to reference, specifically if its integrated with a PR campaign.
Example: Mortgage Checklist micro material.

Material guidelines ought to consist of suggestions on typography, responsive grids, hybrid material and the design and labeling of information. All these ensure designers have the flexibility to picture info on a wide variety of topics, while keeping the same look and feel.
Secret takeaways for your finance content marketing technique.
Eventually, all content online marketers put the client right at the centre of their decision-making process. This frame of mind uses similarly, if not more so, to content marketers in the finance industry, due to the high level of trust needed to form relationships. With these pointers, you can produce remarkable material marketing for your business and transform and keep more clients, effectively.
Thanks to Richard Silvester for sharing his guidance and opinions in this post. Richard Silvester is one of the emerging leaders behind the visual material movement having actually founded infogr8 one of UKs most effective information led content agencies in London.

Considering that 71% of people experience high unexpected costs at some time in their lives, this content was created to assist people conserve ₤ 3 a day for a rainy day fund. We contributed to a suite of aligned visual material for web, social, outside and print PR, centred on a practical, data-led infographic.
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5. Tell short financing stories that are quick to digest
Lets face it– many of us have a hard time to totally understand the more comprehensive side of finance, which can make the entire topic appear overwhelming. Whether about personal financing or the bigger picture, brief stories are an excellent technique for delivering intimidating-seeming data in a bitesize snapshot.
We routinely utilize information cards to visualize crucial finance stats and figures– eventually, to turn them into a story. These cards can be easily comprehended in seconds, and leave a high impact, specifically on social channels– after all, individuals keep in mind 65% of information in text and images 3 days later, compared to only 10% of details in text.
Example: Housing Data Stories

This interactive visual tool helps individuals comprehend what insurance they need depending on their lifestyle and circumstances. After working through a series of scenarios, theyre then offered extremely tailored recommendations on the policies that best suit them.
4. Plan to use material marketing possessions throughout multiple channels
The keyword here is strategy– making sure from the very begin that financing content marketing is created in a method that makes it easy to atomize and repurpose will (pun alert) pay dividends when it pertains to dispersing your message to users at different knowledge levels.
A long-form explainer piece about ISAs might be perfect for your website, for example, but do not forget about developing a cut-down version thats all set and waiting to publish on social channels a week prior to the ISA due date.
Plus, approving a suite of content along a style– instead of creating everything individually– can make legal and compliance signoff go far more efficiently.
Example: Save ₤ 3 a Day multi-format visual material

Weve discovered that interactive material marketing and tools can provide excellent results in terms of finance marketing engagement. To achieve effect in the physical world whilst likewise reaching less digitally-savvy consumers, printed content offers a solution. Eventually, all content online marketers put the customer right at the centre of their decision-making process. This frame of mind uses similarly, if not more so, to content online marketers in the finance market, due to the high level of trust required to form relationships. With these pointers, you can develop amazing material marketing for your organization and transform and retain more customers, efficiently.

In April 2014, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) presented harder price examine home mortgage lenders. Dealing with the MAS PR team, we developed a micro checklist discussing the new mortgage documentation requirements.
The piece was included on Rightmove and This Is Money, where it earned 137 comments, along with the federal governments Housing Matters magazine. Facebook and Twitter versions of the graphic got 65,000 and 174,000 clicks respectively.
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8. Develop clear visual material guidelines.
Last but by no methods least, its important to work to content standards. This applies to all sectors, but especially for financing business, where brand control and consistency is important in preserving customer trust.
Having a set of material guidelines is also handy for internal brand teams and firms alike, making the material creation process simpler, quicker and most likely to comply with brand name and legal standards. Plus, it guarantees that all of your content hangs together efficiently, wherever its released.
Example: Money Advice Service infographic guidelines.

With remortgages increasing, the requirement for clear details about the processes included is higher than ever. This linear left-to-right infographic for Google and the MAS succinctly presents the primary steps to the complex process of remortgaging in such a way that is intuitive and easy to digest.
3. Produce interactive financial material
According to the Content Marketing Institute, interactive material offers continuous support and makes sure long-term satisfaction for existing consumers, supporting retention goals. This highlights how effective interactive monetary content can be for financing business in interacting their key messages to customers.
Weve discovered that interactive material marketing and tools can provide excellent results in regards to financing marketing engagement. By its nature, the format draws the user into a branded online area in an individual method. For financing brand names, this is an important chance to favorably link and use value to the client, as well as an efficient method to improve belief.
Example: Protecting Your World interactive microsite

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