7 Examples of Influencer Marketing on YouTube

When PlayStation launched the brand-new PS5, the brand collaborated with Justine Ezarik of iJustine, a video gaming, tech, and travel influencer on YouTube, for this video. Frequently, brands will send influencers complimentary items in exchange for unpacking videos and/or sincere reviews on their platforms.
With much of Ezariks channel concentrated on video gaming technology, her customers likely fit PlayStations target audience and made her a perfect influencer to promote this new product. In the video, she discusses the products futuristic look and lightweight controllers while including B-roll video for close-up shots of the PS5.
There are lots of ways to use this kind of marketing on YouTube. What brand names need to focus on when considering an influencer is whether the influencers brand name and values line up with their own. Secondly, to produce influencer marketing projects that convert, its likewise important that the influencers audience fits the brand names user persona.

In this video, Natalie Barbu gives her audience a peek into her day-to-day routine, emphasizing her preparation process. She covers the benefits of software like Asana and Google Calendar, and in the middle of her video, at the 9:03 mark, she introduces Skillshare.
Whats effective about this style of product combination is that it suits organically with the influencers material. Some ads can be quite disconcerting and disrupt the user experience, which can lead to ad skips and video drop offs.
The video title sets the expectation that the focus of the video will be planning. So, when Barbu presents Skillshare as a platform to find out new skills (including how to use Asana for preparation), its a smooth shift.
Another technique influencers take is discussing the sponsor towards completion of the video.

Beyond that, engagement rates on YouTube are the greatest when compared to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, according to a 2020 Influencer Marketing Hub report.
Now that consumers are turning more to YouTube for uplifting material, this offers brands a big opportunity to utilize the power of influencers on a platform known for high engagement.
What type of videos can brands and influencers team up on? Lets go through 7 examples.
1. Day-in-the-Life Vlogs
One of the most natural methods influencers incorporate sponsored products into their YouTube videos is through day-in-the-life vlogs.
Normally done with a morning or everyday regular video, the influencer will take viewers through their day and point out the services or product as part of their ritual.

In an extremely meta example, Sean Cannell, from the popular channel Video Influencers, gives audiences pointers on how to get sponsors on YouTube using the sponsored product, FameBit.
FameBit, recently rebranded to YouTube BrandConnect, helps link brands with influencers and vice versa. With that in mind, the channel– and its viewership– likely aligns extremely well with the sponsored item.
Cannell does a quick introduction of the platforms key functions and invests the rest of the video detailing his personal experience with the product. The evaluation is a fantastic example of social proof, as that frequently brings more worth than an easy product introduction.
5. Funny Sketches
People love to laugh, and some brand names, like GEICO, are competent at turning sour subjects into amusing ads that leave an impression.

In a 2019 MediaKix report, 71% of online marketers concurred that the quality of customers or traffic from influencer marketing was much better than other marketing channels. So, we know influencer marketing can be a very successful marketing technique.

In this video, popular YouTube illusionist, Zack King, gives viewers a complete breakdown of a few of his impressions. How exactly does Google fit into this?
Well, King initially uses Google Meet and a cool hand-through-TV impression to introduce his meeting room section at the 1:59 mark. Since Googles platform promotes virtual conference meetings, its a good, subtle touch.
At the 3:53 mark, he introduces Googles Password Manager app to shift into his next technique. Its an example of how rapidly and efficiently you can highlight sponsored material without sidetracking from the main purpose of the video.
4. How-Tos
Its something to discuss to audiences how to do something. Its another to utilize a tool that will help them do it. Brands and influencers frequently utilize this technique to present new product lines to the public.

In this video, comedian influencer Caleb Glass, of CalebCity, does a funny sketch in which he asks a psychic to prove their capabilities by guessing what he ate that day. He agrees to commission the psychic to find a hidden inheritance and divided the cash with them if the psychic gets the response right.
Glass knocks the sponsored product, Devour Foods, on the table and informs the psychic they are incorrect as the dish was prepared in the microwave. A shouting match occurs and the video ends with an item screen.
Heres why this video works: It plays on the concept that microwavable food cant be scrumptious in the context of something totally various. Brands with playful identities can greatly benefit from utilizing comedic influencers to promote their items.
6. Product Unboxing and Reviews
Nothing brings me as much happiness as getting a new product in the mail and opening it.
It appears a great deal of us share that characteristic, as unboxing videos are preferred videos on YouTube. In this video style, audiences live vicariously through the influencer as they open a product box and explore its functions.
The success of this technique lies in the capability to draw in audiences at or close to the decision-making stage.

Consider YouTube if you have actually been thinking about utilizing this method but are unsure where to begin.
Unlike other platforms that are generally limited by time (believe TikTok and Instagram), YouTube commemorates long-form content. This creates area for influencers to deep dive into subjects and give comprehensive evaluations on services and items.

In this video, UK-based Influencer Patricia Otegwu, referred to as Patricia Bright on her channel, covers a large range of luxury items that are fantastic for the fall season.
She starts the video by framing the significance of occasional “deal with yo self” behavior. She then goes through a couple of products, explaining the thinking behind each purchase. At the 5:01 mark, she introduces products from Lily Silk, which fits in completely with the theme of the video.
In addition, mentioning the product in the very first half of the video offers the brand name better odds of reaching more audiences.
3. Behind-the-Scene Tutorials
Another opportunity for smooth product integration is in behind-the-scenes material.

This video reveals influencer, Mayuko, revealing her version of a productive work day. Near the end of the video (at the 7:08 mark), she thanks the brand name, Nord VPN, for sponsoring the video and provides the benefits of utilizing the software.
With this technique, theres a risk that some audiences may not stick around to hear more about the sponsor, considered that engagement rates fall toward completion of videos. However, the sponsor is discussed at the beginning of the video and in the description box, supplying additional chances for audiences to find out more about the brand.
2. Hauls
Shopping carries and unboxing videos are a few of the most popular videos on YouTube amongst fashion and way of life influencers. They can also be an efficient way of showcasing sponsored items.
Whats terrific about this type of video is that it doesnt require influencers to commit a whole video to a single item, however rather consist of that item within a broader classification.

She starts the video by framing the significance of periodic “treat yo self” behavior. At the 5:01 mark, she presents items from Lily Silk, which fits in perfectly with the style of the video.
A shrieking match ensues and the video ends with a product screen.
What brands must prioritize when considering an influencer is whether the influencers brand name and worths align with their own. To produce influencer marketing campaigns that transform, its also essential that the influencers audience fits the brands user persona.

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